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Stress & Anger Management

Anger & Stress Management

Anger Management

Anger, though it has its place, may express itself inappropriately, either towards others or yourself. We cannot control anger provoking situations, but we can manage our attitudes to them. Anger management counselling will look straight to the sources of your anger to get it in context. We then put strategies in place to manage it and to minimize anger confrontation or self harm.

About Anger:

  • It is natural
  • It is rarely a useful emotion
  • It is a reaction to feeling threatened in some way
  • It can be treated by learning new responses to the events it.


  • Hostility
  • Explosive outbursts
  • Tense muscles
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Social withdrawal
  • Verbal abuse
  • Bad tempered irritable
  • Sleep difficulties

Stress Management

Stress can become a vicious cycle without the stress management techniques needed to manage it. The words “But I can’t relax..” can become commonplace in a person’s life.  In small amounts, stress can be tolerated. However, prolonged or intense stress levels can impact on our relationships, work performance, and lead to panic attacks and/or depression. Common symptoms can include irritability, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, negative thinking, changes in appetite, lack of motivation, loss of libido, social withdrawal and mood swings. Stress can contribute to physical symptoms such as skin disorders, headaches, muscular tension, high blood pressure and other bodily aches.

Issues for Stress Counselling

  • Work Pressures
  • Family Stresses
  • Relationship Worries
  • Difficulty Coping
  • Panic Attacks
  • Irritability
  • Physical Ailments
What is Stress Management Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Engaging with Counselling can allow you to unburden yourself and gain a fresh mindset so that you can open up to learning new coping strategies. You discover and implement stress management approaches like:

  • Time management
  • Anger management
  • Improving coping strategies
  • Developing a more positive mindset
  • Dealing with burnout
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Using guided imagery to reduce stress
  • Managing work stress
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Work-life balance

When stress reactions decrease our quality of life, psychotherapy can help us to make serious changes in order to live in a happier and more effective way. When we frequently respond to stress with anxiety, fear, anger or depression, time is spent exploring these initial reactions as part of the process. Stress management psychotherapy emphasizes the importance of understanding and thereby gaining control of personal sources of anxiety which amplify the individual’s particular response to stress. Blind spots, inner conflicts and unresolved trauma provide life’s stressors with opportunities to slowly take hold and grow beyond the person’s ability to cope with them.

What are the Benefits of Stress Management Counselling?
  • Learn what causes your stress, anxiety or panic and how to regain control
  • Discover how to identify stress and anxiety or panic attack triggers and minimize their effect
  • Learn how to change automatic thought, behaviour/physical symptoms which feed anxiety cycles
  • Discover proven, effective panic prevention and removal strategies
  • Learn stress reduction techniques to reduce the physical side effects of anxiety or panic
  • Develop tailor-made coping strategies to manage stressful situations effectively
  • Build techniques and tools that will enable you to effectively prevent or manage any future
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