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Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programmes are designed as a short-term goal-focused therapeutic approach which helps employees and clients change by constructing solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Elements of the desired solution often are already present in the client’s life, and become the basis for ongoing change. The ability to articulate what the changes will be like is often more important than understanding what led to the problem.

Working from a solution-focused model of brief therapy, the client contracts for a fixed number of sessions. Because of it’s brief nature, with a defined number of sessions, it is of specific interest to Companies committed to supporting employees through life’s various crises.

This solution-focused brief therapy facilitates rapid results and change, the approach values a respectful partnership, emphasizing the client’s own strengths and resources, while encouraging focus on the emerging solutions.

The benefits of this model are quickly seen by both Employee (client) and Employer alike.

At Dublin City Counselling Service we can arrange this through an ongoing contract with companies and organizations or on a case by case basis.

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