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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Are Psychotherapy, Counselling and Psychological services covered under your health insurance?

The majority of health insurance companies will cover some (if not all) of your mental health consultations. The level of cover will depend on the policy you have.

What to do!

Contact your insurer and check if your policy covers you for therapy/psychological consultations. If it does, just double check if you need a referral from your GP.

Some insurance companies specify that the practitioner must be accredited. An accredited therapist is qualified and has reached the necessary post-training practice hours as per the guidelines of the organisation that sets the standards for psychological services. Our Team are Accredited by PSI and IACP.

Once your insurer has agreed to cover your consultation then all you have to do is arrange your session. Again, please ask the ‘best fit’ consultant to assist you in finding the practitioner that best suits your needs.

Once your therapist gets in touch with you just let them know that you will need receipts for your insurance company. Some insurance companies will allow the practitioner to invoice them directly and if this is the case you can let the practitioner know. The practitioner will need the details of whom to send the invoices to inside your insurance company.

We frequently work with the main insurance providers in Ireland ie Laya and VHI.

** Please note that this information is a guideline. Please always contact your individual provider for an updates and full details of cover. The details below might change so please check with your provider.

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Web:  https://www.layahealthcare.ie/
Ph: 021 202 2000
Email: :info@layahealthcare.ie


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Web: https://www.vhi.ie/health-insurance
Ph: 0567753003
Email: info@vhi.ie

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